Wanda Montemayor




CommunityArts is offering a variety of therapies through Wanda and her fellow clinicians, via tele-therapy and through in-person sessions, following CDC safety guidelines.


While all of the CommunityArts clinicians are vaccinated against Covid-19, we have implemented the required use of quality masks for any and all indoor sessions for the immediate future. If you'd prefer a virtual individual, couples or family visit, we can easily accommodate that. And for now, all groups will be run virtually.

As well, our waiting rooms at both North and South location will be closed and we ask you to wait in your vehicle if you arrive early. We genuinely apologize for the inconvenience.

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I believe in the power of therapy and the healthy change it can make in people.  I am a witness, guide, and most importantly, partner on my clients' journeys. 

- Wanda Montemayor

Teletherapy IS therapy! There are many benefits: convenient, no driving, easy scheduling, get things done during the pandemic. We’re helping adults, children and families process and manage issues including loss and grief, trauma, attachment, anxiety, depression, and many others. Improve your skills involving family transition, stress management, communication and friendship skills, marital navigation and intimacy, parent-child coaching, family of origin, and others.


We work with any age, gender, and orientation. Our diverse team brings a wealth of knowledge and experience, and we apply that in a thoughtful and caring manner.


We offer sliding scale rates to meet many needs.


Now booking appointments with CommunityArts Clinicians. And…we have process groups: Teen Loss & Grief Process Group, Middle and High School Art Therapy Process Groups. Space is limited to ensure a safe and supportive environment.


CommunityArts has created a YouTube series, Quaran-teens! to help you guide your student through the pandemic. Check them out below.

And here's a sneak peek at a screen test for the upcoming series, Do-Overs

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