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Our Mission 

Community Arts Therapy is an art and creative play-based therapy center. Our vision is to connect children, teens, and adults with caring, artistic, and responsive therapists who value a blend of traditional and alternative therapies.
Together we want to help you create a care plan customizable for individuals, couples, or families. We use this as a map towards creating the loving and stable life that we know you and your loved ones deserve.

Our clinicians provide a safe and compassionate place for clients to explore themselves and their relationships with others. We use evidence based tools like: art therapy, play therapy and other resilience building activities that support each client's individual needs. We assist with issues such as, loss and grief, trauma, attachment, anxiety, depression, and many others. 


Therapist Kami Land working with Uvalde Community 


Therapist Danielle Gindelle 

Why art therapy?

Art Therapy and Play Therapy provide a curious and safe environment to explore inner challenges and unique treatment goals. Expressive therapeutic approaches are becoming more common as they have been shown to greatly enhance the lives and relationships of many; fostering self-compassion, building confidence, working on boundaries, developing effective communication skills, and setting future goals. Art therapy is greatly effective for a wide range of mental health related issues including anxiety, depression, and PTSD.

Art Therapy and Play Therapy facilitate a safe environment to express personal challenges, and deep emotions through the process of art making, somatic body work, and play. You will be carefully guided by professionals on how to create your story without solely relying on words. Care plans are customized for the unique goals and treatment of individuals, couples, and families.

Do you offer traditional therapy too?

Yes! Our therapists integrate traditional tools into your care plan. Our diverse team brings a wealth of knowledge and experience, and we apply that in a thoughtful and caring manner.


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Trust Based Relational Intervention, Trauma Informed Care, EMDR, and DBT are just some of the tools used.  

Please see our TEAMS PAGE to learn more about them. 

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About our founder

Wanda Montemayor (she/her) began Community Art Therapy in 2021. She is a Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor (LPC-S), a Registered Art Therapist (AT-BC, ATCS), a RPT-S (Registered Play Therapist/ Supervisor), and an Animal Assisted counselor (ACC).

Wanda’s brings creative, compassionate, and collaborative care to the Texas community. She has been a therapist and art facilitator dedicated to improving and enriching the lives of young people for over 20 years.

Her career began in art education in Austin Independent School District. It was there that public art as a form of community building and healing began. What started off as small projects with after school students in her classrooms has grown into massive public art pieces that center mindfulness, multi-cultural learning, and social-emotional skill building. These projects have shown the profound impact of art within our communities and how useful art can be as a healing tool for children and adults in crisis.


At Community Arts, we believe in the power of collaborative care, which means a dedication to including all of the members of a clients team (family, school, medical and nutritional) in finding solutions and healthy outcomes. ​


- Wanda Montemayor

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The Uvalde Love Project

Current Community Project

Using Healing Centered Engagement, Wanda and her team of art therapists are healing with Uvalde. 


We are inclusive therapists with compassionate hearts.


All of our clinicians have received

Trans-Affirming care training for Counselors.


We take the care of the unique challenges that face this community to heart, and our compassionate counselors are here to provide safe spaces for all of our LGBTQIA + individuals.

3 offices serving the Austin Area

Two in South Austin 

& One serving North Austin

Visit Our Locations

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