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Wanda Montemayor




Community Arts is offering a variety of therapies through Wanda and her fellow clinicians, with in-person sessions and via tele-therapy, following CDC safety guidelines. This includes use of masks where and when recommended.


All of the Community Arts clinicians are vaccinated against Covid-19. If you'd prefer a

virtual individual, couples or family visit, we can easily accommodate that.

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At Community Arts, we believe in the power of collaborative care, which means a dedication to including all of the members of a clients team (family, school, medical and nutritional) in finding solutions and healthy outcomes.

- Wanda Montemayor

Our new South Austin office at 11402 Joy Street is now open! We currently have 3 unique client rooms and a comfortable welcome room, and will soon have a large group room and art therapy studio space open as well.

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We work with any age, gender, and orientation. Our diverse team brings a wealth of knowledge and experience, and we apply that in a thoughtful and caring manner. We’re helping adults, children and families process and manage issues including loss and grief, trauma, attachment, anxiety, depression, and many others. Improve your skills involving family transition, stress management, communication and friendship skills, marital navigation and intimacy, parent-child coaching, family of origin, and others.


We offer sliding scale rates to meet many needs.


Now booking appointments with Community Arts Clinicians. And…we have process groups: Middle and High School Teen Art Therapy Process Groups with both in-person and virtual options. Space is limited to ensure a safe and supportive environment.

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