CommunityArts is offering tele-therapy and limited in-person bookings (following CDC safety guidelines) for individuals, couples, family and group counseling.  We are currently accepting new clients.

Wanda Montemayor (she/her)

Founder / Senior Clinician


Specialties: Art Therapy, EMDR, Play Therapy, Animal-assisted Therapy, LGBTQIA+

Tweens, teens, adults, couples, and families

Kim Wooten (she/her)



Specialties: Art Therapy, trauma, anxiety, grief, chronic illness, dreamwork, LGBTQIA+

Children, teens and adults

Shelley Goldstein (she/her)



Specialties: Anxiety, Transitions, School Issues, ADHD, Nuerodivergent teens, EMDR

Teens, pre-teens

Danielle Gindele (she/her)



Specialties: Art Therapy, EMDR, Anxiety, Domestic Violence, Depression, LGBTQIA+

Children through elders

Stephanie Puente (she/her)



Specialties: Depression, anxiety, relationships, stress management, school-related issues

Bilingual English / Español

Adolescents, young adults, adults

Kami Land (she/her)


Specialties: Art Therapy, Addiction Recovery, Stress Management, Anxiety, Depression,

Life Transitions, LGBTQIA+

Children, Adolescents, and Adults

Sarah Krier (she/her)



Specialties:  Anxiety, Depression, Imago, Family and romantic relationships

Couples, tweens, teens, adults

Amy Bryant (she/her)



Specialties:  Anxiety, Perfectionism, Depression, Self-compassion, School issues, TBRI, LGBTQIA+

Adolescents and teen girls

Twana Thomas (she/her)



Specialties:  Art Therapy, anxiety, depression, relationships, third culture kids/adults, LGBTQIA+

Children, teens and adults

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Zachary Van Den Berg (he/they)


Specialties: Art Therapy, Queer-affirming, LGBTQIA+, Transgender Non-Conforming Non-Binary (TGNCNB), minority stress,

harm-reduction, depression, anxiety