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CommunityArts is offering tele-therapy and in-person bookings (following CDC safety guidelines) for individuals, couples, family and group counseling.  We are currently accepting new clients.

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Jill Broussard, MS, LPC, ATR (she/her)



I started my career as an artist and art educator and taught for more than 25 years in school and community settings. I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and a Master of Science in both Clinical Mental Health and Expressive Arts Therapy.

My love for teaching led me to the counseling field where I am able to offer a space for people to safely express themselves, set goals toward desired change, and learn healthy strategies and tools to reach their highest potential. I believe people are often doing the best they know how and sometimes need insight into how their daily thoughts, habits, and patterns of behavior are shaping their lives. We have the power to create a life we love and my role is to assist you in this at your own pace and rhythm.

I work from a Person Centered approach helping clients feel empowered as they take ownership over their lives. I am certified in Trauma-Informed Therapy and Trust-Based Relational Intervention (TBRI®). I work with children, teens, and families in talk therapy format and/or expressive arts processes.

Jill is accepting new clients.

Consult: Free
Individual: $150 / 50-minute session
Couples/Family therapy: $160 / 50-minute session


Jill is now accepting Aetna insurance. Click here to use the Headway portal to book an appointment with Jill using your Aetna insurance.


Also, superbills can be provided to be filed independently.

Payment is accepted in the form of: Major credit cards or Health Savings Account cards.

Request a consult with Jill

Thanks for reaching out to us. We'll be in touch soon. 

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