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CommunityArts is offering tele-therapy and in-person bookings (following CDC safety guidelines) for individuals, couples, family and group counseling.  We are currently accepting new clients.

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Jason Gans, ATR-BC, LPC (he/him)


Jason Gans is an ATR-BC LPC born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania who studied animation in New York City at Pratt Institute in 1999. He taught middle school art in Austin, Texas from 2007-2010 before finding his passion and sought to continue an education in art therapy at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Since returning to Austin in 2015, Jason has provided Group Art Therapy at Shoal Creek Hospital to this present day. His exuberance resides in the creation of unique directives in comic book format for patients at any level to engage meaningfully in the art making process. Jason’s personal art engages social media and the local community with the goal of teaching coping skills, mindfulness, and healthy communication.


Jason is accepting new clients at the Joy Street (South Austin) office.


Phone Consult: Free

Individual: $150 / 50-minute session

Group therapy: $60 / 75-minute session, billed monthly


Jason is now accepting Aetna insurance. Click here to use the Headway portal to book an appointment with Jason using your Aetna insurance.


Also, superbills can be provided to be filed independently.

Payment is accepted in the form of: Major credit cards or Health Savings Account cards.

Request a consult with Jason

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