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2007 - 2012

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In 2011, Wanda Montemayor and a team including teachers, art therapists and students from all over Austin completed a hand made 1200 square foot mosaic mural at historic Deep Eddy pool.  Integrating art therapy with local workshops, Wanda and her team spent nearly four years planning, developing and creating each of the countless individual tiles that would become part of the colossal work of art. 

The resulting documentary, Mosaic: The Deep Eddy Mural takes us on a journey from inception through dedication and all the effort and love it took to make it happen in between.  Viewers get a peek behind the curtain to understand what it takes to create of a truly monumental work of art, hardships and laughter included. 
Initially running on KLRU in Austin, TX, the program was picked up for distribution and was aired for many years across the country on PBS stations.

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