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1999 - 2009

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In 1999, Wanda Montemayor began her career as an Art teacher at Fulmore Humanities and Law Magnet Middle School, now known as Lively. Lively is located on the historic South Congress, Austin. Wanda continued to flourish in her career for the following 10 years, instructing 150 "at risk" students on a daily basis and started an after-school art enrichment program. In 2006, she became a counselor at Lively. During her time as a Counselor, she directed student services to assist in the educational and social wellness of Adolescents in an academic environment. She also served as Lead Master Scheduler, created Campus Career Day Event, designed Teacher Mentor Program, served as Liaison for Big Brothers/Big Sisters, Con Mi Madre, Communities in Schools, Austin Child and Guidance, SafePlace, Breakthrough, and Morningstar Rising. She also facilitated art therapy groups for children who have experienced loss or grief, as well as girls who experienced sexual abuse and domestic violence. Wanda is also directly responsible for tripling campus enrollment for Texas State University Talent Search, a college preparatory program.

Wanda originally began student art projects at Lively with paint media. She soon realized that students were more limited using paint, and so decided to switch to mosaic tiles. This was a great way to have the whole school involved. Wanda wanted her students to make art that was long-lasting and had a lifelong impression on themselves and on the school. She wanted students to take pride in their school by creating art helped them felt empowered and proud they were able to contribute to a place they attended.
The mosaic projects Wanda directed were the turning point in her profession. She soon realized her passion to help students heal, process, and empower themselves through art was the motive to pursue her Certified Art Therapy license.
At Lively, Wanda created 5 Painted murals, 8 water fountain projects, and 5 mosaic murals. One of the most well-known mosaics she and her students created is the iconic mosaic on the outside of Lively Middle School facing South Congress Ave, in Austin.

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