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2009 - 2021

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            Wanda Montemayor started at O Henry Middle School as Counselor in 2009, leading group counseling, individual counseling and providing academic services. In 2019, she transitioned to Wellness Counselor. In 2021, she moved out of public education and launched her group practice.
            Each and every year she was at O Henry, Wanda directed a student-led mosaic art project. Students were involved with after school Art Club, group counseling, and various workshops, and were empowered by allowing them to help design these public art projects around the school.
            Tiles for the mosaic projects are handmade and were glazed by the students. They cut the glass, nipped the titles and adhered all the pieces to the mosaic surface. Wanda directed no less than twelve community art projects on campus that beautified and fostered a sense of ownership and pride ownership by students and staff.
           Wanda also supervised graduate student interns at O Henry, providing over 5,000 hours of direct services to school-aged children. She also developed an after school open studio program for "at risk" students and a Peer Mentoring Support program. She conducted multiple group counseling sessions each week to address various student needs such as loss and grief, domestic violence, sexual trauma, anger management, enhancing social skills, incarcerated loved ones, and self-esteem building. Wanda also served on Campus Advisory Counsel and served as liaison to Con Mi Madre, SafePlace, and Seedling Foundation. 

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